Understanding and designing for complex systems is one of my super powers

Daniela Vizcaino

I currently work as a Senior Experience Designer for Verizon and my job is to design awesome digital customer experiences.

Before Verizon, I was part of Moment, a digital design consultancy in New York (Moment got acquired by Verizon in April 2018). My work focused on defining and evolving digital products and experiences for clients in finance, media, energy, and healthcare.

I love solving problems and designing products that help and delight people. By applying human centered design, I create experiences that address user needs and find the right balance with business goals and technology. My strength lies in visual systems and how people navigate through them.

I thrive to simplify complexity. My innate curiosity and self-motivation are rooted in my first career as a biologist were I was able to build a strong foundation in research, problem solving, analytical and critical thinking. Being a good collaborator is key, and I can easily and effectively work with interdisciplinary teams including designers, developers, and product managers, which allows me to easily plan, coordinate and prioritize needs during the design process.

My education includes a Masters in Editorial Design from the IED Madrid in Spain, and a Masters in Environmental Sciences from Yale University. Prior to my work as a designer, I spent some years working in the non-profit sector for international organizations like Conservation International and the Wildlife Conservation Society, both in the United States and overseas. In this capacity, I managed conservation-based community-development projects with an emphasis on biodiversity conservation, ecotourism, and protected area management.

What I bring to the table

Empathy towards users

Having lived and worked overseas, I had the chance to conduct research, oversee projects, and work side by side with people from all walks of life. This enabled me to build empathy, able to establish rapport, and understand varied points of view. Being a keen observer, allows me to pick up on often overlooked subtleties that could have an impact on the design process.

Research experience is a plus

An effective UX strategy needs a solid foundation in user research. My experience doing research, both quantitatively and qualitatively, allows me to define research needs to gather data, find trends and point out potential opportunities, gaps, as well as pitfalls.

Understanding the big picture

My foundation in biology allows me to understand complex systems. This has proven very useful when trying to solve design problems. I am a strong system thinker. I have a knack for identifying how components fit into a larger system, and how to effectively break down a large system into more manageable smaller pieces. I apply this approach when I design digital products and experiences.

Organization is key

My background in editorial and visual design helps me process and understand relevant information and organize it to improve user experience. I can design across platforms to ensure a seamless experience on web and mobile devices.

Juggling is an art

Having managed projects in my past life gives me an advantage. I am able to ‘keep many balls in the air’ without losing sight of project goals and objectives, timelines, and ultimately, its deliverables.

Software proficiency


  • General
  • Communication strategy
  • Budget management
  • Product strategy
  • Project management

  • User centered design
  • Affinity mapping
  • Content audit
  • Customer journey
  • Ethnographic research
  • Generative research
  • Participatory observation
  • Prototyping
  • Service blueprint
  • User flows
  • User interviews
  • Visual systems
  • Wireframing
  • Web and app
  • Bootstrap 4
  • HTML / CSS
  • iOS / Android
  • Responsive web

Wanna chat?

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Selected clients include (past and most current): American Express, Morgan Stanley, Weather Company, Equinox, 4-H, KPMG, Fundacion BBVA, La Fabrica.