Law Practice

Renovating a law practice brand in New York


In an industry heavily dominated by men, Elke A. Hofmann Law, PLLC stands out. Not because of their small, and highly dedicated team, but because of their passion to help their clients succeed in a highly competitive food and beverage business in New York City.

I was approached with the task of designing their brand. They wanted to be able to show their passion for the food and drink industry, as well as their professionalism and attentiveness while they support small businesses that are as passionate and excited by their products and restaurants.

We kicked off the project by doing a branding exercise so I could start to define the qualities and attributes of what would be the new brand for the practice. The new brand was inspired by the shape of the lowercase letter H, which also resembled a section of a bottle.

The bright color palette resembles a brand that is bold, creative, passionate, cool, and not afraid of new challenges. Yet, accent colors highlight the gentler, kinder, cheerful, and friendlier side of the staff.


Branding, Freelance




6 months


Concept and brand design