Empowering patients to follow through with doctors orders


When patients visit their doctor, they often leave the doctor’s office with a piece of paper for a referral, instructions on an imaging test, or a prescription for a treatment. Doctors hope their patients will follow through, but more often than not, patients are at a loss because they do not know if the referred specialist accepts their insurance, what steps they need to take before they get an imaging test or pharmacies that can easily and quickly provide them with the prescription.

Doctors often use their own referral network that includes specialists, imaging labs, and pharmacies they have worked with in the past. However, these personal networks are often limited to a few doctors. Doctors do not know if these providers will accept their patients’ insurance plans.

The result is high out-of-pocket fees, unsatisfied and confused patients, or providers with sub-par service. How can we solve this? When patients don’t even know where to start, they often fail to follow up. This results in gaps in their care, and possibly potentially more complicated health scenarios to deal with in the future.






3 months


Design and Project Management


Orderly, a web app, empowers doctors to help their patients follow through on their care by helping them choose personalized referrals. Orderly was built on the relationship between patients and their doctors. It helps them understand, search, and find referral options together, thus eliminating old binders and handwritten pieces of paper given to patients by their doctors.


To solve this design problem we used a series of methods and tools to define the pain points and evaluate opportunities to improve a patient's experience.

We mapped out a patient's journey to determine pain points and feelings throughout their visit to their primary care physician. Understanding the nuances and problems helped us find potential opportunities to alleviate the pain of finding a referral.

Through user research, we determined key factors considered by patients during their search and selection of a provider. Factors such as a physician’s language, gender, location, and convenience, were critical but most importantly were insurance coverage and estimated cost. Patients are often confused and uncertain if their insurance will cover certain imaging procedures, or if a particular specialist will accept their plan.

Quick, low fidelity user journey sketchs for patients in need of referrals for a specialist, imaging procedure or a prescription

Orderly helps primary care doctors find the right provider for their patient. By doing so, we eliminate any type of uncertainty regarding follow-up instructions. We allow doctors to send their patients emails with clear instructions for next steps, reminders, plus detailed information on what patients will need to do.

Once a patient completes their appointment with the provider, Orderly automatically sends them an email where they can provide feedback through a quick survey. This information feedback to their primary care doctor as referral reviews.

Information from these reviews allows primary care doctors to decide which providers to keep in their network, and which to remove. Our review system considers important factors like wait time, physician knowledge, customer service by nursing and office staff, and overall appointment outcome. Valuable information like this allows doctors to follow up with unsatisfied patients.

Physicians have access to a patient feedback dashboard where they can monitor and analyze the quality of care provided, ensuring their patients receive the best care possible. Smart recommendations offer the ability to grow and strengthen referral networks. The overall interface design was inspired by simplicity. The clean interface allows for easy navigation and intuitive experience.

  • Product Strategy
  • Project Management
  • Prototyping
  • Sketching
  • UI / UX design
  • User interviews
  • User journey
  • Value proposition


Orderly Prototype


List view of imaging labs, once a patient's information is inputed into Orderly
Once a patient finds the right referral for them, their primary care doctor staff can send them an email with all the details, including the referral's contact information, and any additional information needed to prepare for the visit
Primary care doctos are able to view a dashboard that generates a report on all patients that have submitted their reviews, highlights those patients that were not satisfied, and allows them to reach out to any bounced referrals

Design team: Daniela Vizcaino, Sarah Bradford (video), Keoni Chun (UI/UX), Chantal Jahchan (visuals for video)